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FindingYourFather.com and Danielle Flood are not affiliated with and do not receive any monies or favors from services or businesses recommended in this site or elsewhere, except that her book, THE UNQUIET DAUGHTER is recommended here, and Amazon and her publisher pays her for copies sold.  


If you use this site or anything recommended in this site, you do so at your own risk. If your feelings are hurt by a relative as the result of contact you make using recommendations in this site, you alone are responsible. The intention of this site is to educate and to disseminate information.


If you are young, meaning under the age of 25, and you undertake a search for your father using recommendations within this site, you should do so with the support and knowledge and help of an older person who knows you and cares about you. If you make contact with a stranger who says he is your father, do not do so alone. Go with an adult who knows about your search. Do not meet strangers alone in lonely places. Be sure of whom you are meeting. Repeat, do not do so alone.