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          Some people do not know their fathers: Their father is not communicative. Their father lives far away. Their father can't or couldn't handle being a parent. They know who and where their father is, but are afraid to approach him. Their father died. They don't know who their father is. The only clue to their father's identity is a sperm bank number. Their mother doesn't know who their father is. Their mother made an agreement with their father never to reveal who he is. Their mother knows who their father is but doesn't think it matters that her daughter or son knows who he is. There father doesn't want to pay child support.  Their father doesn't want to acknowledge paternity. Their mother doesn't want them to know their father because she doesn't like him. Their mother was raped. Their mother decided not to tell their father that he is a father. They were adopted but live in a place that doesn't allow adoptees to know who their birth parents are. Their father left.

          This is a place for people who are living the absent father experience, and for their fathers and for those who want to understand what it is like not to have a father for a while, or forever. This space is for sharing the experience of not finding or finding a father in various ways. This site does not support or discourge the search for missing fathers -- a sometimes disappointing or joyous experience. We cannot physically help find fathers for there are too many who are missing. However, reading this site is free. The main goal of this site is to impart information that enlightens the journey or potential journey and affords some, who have made the voyage to finding their fathers, the satisfaction that they have helped others by sharing their stories in this magazine. Much can be learned from others. 

          I'm a writer who one day happened to find herself in the position of having to search for her father. I wrote a memoir, THE UNQUIET DAUGHTER, about it; it also has a strong connection to a part of literary history having to do with Graham Greene's THE QUIET AMERICAN and the work involved much journalistic investigation; it took me eight years; some of the sources of reportage were overseas. I am aware that some people with no journalism training do not know where or how to begin their search for a father without spending a great deal of money on investigators. Thus, the page called "How To Tips" was created. 

          The number of people coming into the world without living with their fathers, or sometimes without ever knowing who their fathers are, is increasing. I created and write and edit this website so that those who feel the absence of their fathers also feel less alone about it. Also, I created this site so that those who are thinking about searching for their fathers can consider the experiences of others before they do or do not undertake that endeavor.

          Please be patient about the from time-to-time updates. I cannot post daily. I am also writing another book, not directly related to this subject, but that too, as has always been my bent as a writer, has to do with relationships. Thank you for visiting -- Danielle Flood. P.S. Come visit me on Facebook by clicking here.



Danielle Flood was a staff reporter for the Associated Press (Manhattan), The Daily News (Tarrytown, N.Y.), The Standard-Star (New Rochelle, N.Y.), The Evening Sun (Baltimore), The Clearwater Sun (Florida) and The Miami News. Her freelance features and magazine stories have been published in the Sunday News Magazine (New York), The New York Times, and in magazines including New York, Juris Doctor and Miami. She has an M.S. from the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University, and a B.A. in Communications from Fordham. A small sample of her published work can be viewed at http://www.danielleflood.com. She recently completed a memoir which includes details of her search for her father. If you would like to receive an email when it is published, please send to me an email at danifloodmail@gmail.com with this is the subject line: Please notify of publication of your book. Thank you.